Mediation Center


CCPIT/CCOIC Mediation Center

The Mediation Center of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)/China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and those in its branches (hereinafter referred to as the “Mediation Center”) are standing organizations dedicated to helping Chinese/foreign disputants to resolve disputes arising out of commercial and maritime transactions.

Since the Mediation Center was established in 1987 in Beijing, with the headquarter located in Beijing (its original name was the Beijing Mediation Center of CCPIT/CCOIC), it has established more than 46 sub-centers, forming a mediation network covering all over China. These sub-centers are functioning under the direction and supervision of the Mediation Center of CCPIT in respect of their professional work.


Mediation under the Mediation Center is governed by uniform Mediation Rules applying to the entire mediation network, which aim to regulate the relationship between the organizations, mediators and disputes in a scientific and systematic manner, representing the principle of autonomy of parties, good faith, justice and efficiency.


The Center has a Panel of Mediators from which parties may select during mediation. These mediators are invited and appointed by the Mediation Center, and should be upright and impartial person with special knowledge and practical experience in the fields of economics, trade, finance, securities, investment, intellectual property, technology transfer, real estate, construction contract, transportation, insurance, logistics and other commercial, maritime, and legal fields. The Mediation Center has also formulated a Codes of Conduct for Mediators to regulate the conduct of mediators, to specify the responsibilities of mediators, and to guarantee the fair and efficient proceeding of the mediation.

The Mediation Center accepts cases in accordance with the mediation agreement between the parties. In the absence pf such an agreement, the Mediation Center could accept a case if an Application of Mediation is filed by one party and the consent of the other party to mediate is obtained. In the process of mediation, the law, follow international practice, and adhere to the principles of objectivity, fairness and equitability, to agreement, and help the parties to develop a lasting cooperative relationship and long-term interests.

Mediation has certain prominent characteristics, such as being efficient and time-saving, confidential and flexible, easily-acceptable, and cost-saving. As such, mediation, as an alternative to litigation and arbitration, is growing in popularity and being adopted by numerous parities.

International Cooperation

The Mediation Center attaches importance to international communication and cooperation. It has entered into cooperation agreements with counterparts from Germany, the United States, the Unites Kingdom, Sweden, the Republic of Korea ,Canada, Macao, Japan, Italy, etc., actively engaging in co-mediation operations, and has jointly established co-mediation centers with the South Korean Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Canada-China Business Council, the Macao World trade Center, International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, the Italy-China Chamber of Commerce and the Milan Arbitration Center, aiming to provide dispute resolution services to Chinese and foreign parties under the joint mediation programs.

After active development and persistent effort, the Mediation Center has become the most representative commercial mediation institute in China. The Mediation Center handles more than 400 cases covering various commercial sectors per year, with a success rate of higher than eighty percent (80%), and parties involved from more than 40 countries and regions. The Mediation Center will maintain its mission to solve social conflicts, promote economic prosperity and crate a harmonious society, provide services of good-quality and high-efficiency, and be dedicated to the development of mediation in our country.


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